Monday, 4 July 2011

{Take action} Ready to play? What's the day?

Are you young/old enough to remember BBC's Playschool? As well as my fond memories of 'Humpty', my favourite bit was where the presenter would choose a 'magic window' and it would open wide to reveal the theme of the day's programme. At that point, depending on if they picked my favourite window (square), I'd either be gripped or in a sulk.

Well, I'm now 33 years old (old enough to know better) yet sometimes I still have a tendency to default to sulk-mode if the day doesn't get off to an ideal start. (What, they picked the round window? There's no flippin' milk for my morning coffee? Do I really have to get up?) But my new morning regime of a little meditation has had yet another bonus - I'm starting the day looking at things the right way, happier. The things that had irrationally got my heckles up before really don't bother me in the same way and, on the flip side, I'm noticing more to be happy about. Sounds like I'm onto a winner, right? Maybe the penny's dropping - maybe I was choosing to look through the wrong window.  I'm not sure how long it will last but it turns out the square window's not that bad ....


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