Monday, 25 July 2011

{Take action} Be of service #1

Before: are we going to transform this in one day?
 The gorgeous butterfly focal point of the garden
My handiwork: the 4ft butterfly that will adorn the trellis of the garden
So near but yet so far....

What a difference a day makes!  I was one of 20 volunteers that worked on a very worthy Be Involved project in inner city Bradford this weekend.  Greeted with a patch of grass, we all braved the elements and grafted to create a gorgeous Butterfly Garden for the neighbouring school children.  The pictures show the almost-finished result before the rain beat us!

Aside from working alongside fabulous people all day, the project gave me a real feel-good high.  I was doing things I've never attempted before that tested my personal boundaries (nope, never used a jigsaw before and would unlikely be called 'green-fingered' by those that know me!), yet it was the anticipation of the children getting use out of it that put the biggest smile on my face.

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