Wednesday, 20 July 2011

{Take action} Quality time

I'm a doodler.  A list-writer.  I permanently carry a notebook with me - sometimes, not just one.  In fact, I have a stash of notebooks beside my bed - one for every 'focus area'.  I have so many thoughts whirling around my head that I need somewhere to channel them.  Of late, it has been 'Wedding Notebook' that's been seeing all the action, getting all the quality time, while 'Project Freedom' notebook has been positively neglected, unloved and working an inferiority complex.  And here's the science bit - the health warning of being a girl on a mission to live her very best life is that I get a little impatient when things plateau, when I'm not creating and adding to my Project Freedom pages - the doing nothing zaps my energy.

So, I'm planning a date for me and the old notebook.  Me and you, and a hazlenut latte on Saturday afternoon?  It's a date.

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