Thursday, 11 August 2011

{Quality time} The hen do of hen do's!!

My ladies in hot pink

School sports day

The elegant Corinthian Club

 Dancing the night away....

..... in style
Love you guys!

To my beautiful hens - thank you so much for a wonderful weekend that I will treasure forever.  It was "awesomeness"!!!  Love you all lots x x x
p.s. Lol - you did me proud.  "You to me are everything" x

And the soundtrack..... tune in

Thursday, 4 August 2011

{Quality time} Am I a big girl mummy?

Tomorrow we hit the 6-week mark to ‘the big day’ – it seems only a blink since Boyo popped the question so I can imagine that time is going to fly!  The weekend also marks my hen weekend, though what that entails is still a mystery.  It all feels a little surreal….

Does this mean I’m a grown-up?  I’m actually getting married?  As I’m sure alike most little girls, my sister and I would dress-up and play ‘getting married’ when we were younger, donning pillowcases as our ever-so-delicate veils, imagining our dresses and the handsome groom stood at the end of the aisle.  Ok, we didn’t then grasp the concept of hen party, however this weekend’s impending festivities has made the penny drop.  My time has come round, yet I still feel like that 7-year old in my parent’s garden.

Mummy, am I a big girl now?

Photo: One


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