Thursday, 31 March 2011

{mood} I'm h-a-p-p-y

I love having flowers around our home – don’t you think they just make a space so much happier?  So imagine the smile on my face now that wedding plans have moved on to talk of flowers.

The look of our day, I hope, will reflect the simple elegance and style of 1930's and 40’s New York and so I’ve been seeking a little inspiration for florals that complement.  I thought I’d share these in the hope that these beautiful bouquets put a smile on your face today.

I'm deliberating over:

The family tradition of freesia....




Or a mixture of them all....

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

{Take action} Get yourself connected

I was stopped and asked for change for a parking meter yesterday and, as this stranger and I exchanged grubby coins, we got chatting. It was only a few minutes but enough for me to find this person likeable - in short, we made a connection. Her parting words to me were "I'm so glad you came walking by" - feel-good factor!

It got me thinking. I walk that same street almost daily on my way into the city and don't think I've ever, in my five years of living here, spoken with a complete stranger on that route. Or in the lift of my apartment building. Or my local shop ..... you get the picture, right!?

My friend Rachel is an expert in 'connecting'. She met her future husband, me and probably countless others by taking the risk to get talking to someone new. Of course it helps that Rach is bubbly, confident and has an infectious energy so she's exactly the type of person you'd want to get chatting to but, you've got to hand it to the girl, she puts herself out there. And as I stand beside her as her bridesmaid on her wedding day, I'll be grateful that she did just that more than 14 years ago. So let's get connecting, people - you never know who that stranger might become!

What's your story? Have you had a chance encounter that changed your life?  Please share it.

Photos: Courtesy of Lake Jane and Me

Monday, 28 March 2011

{inspiration} Reese Witherspoon

"I like making bold decisions and putting myself out to dangle in the wind.  Sometimes it pays off. You have to take charge and challenge yourself."

I've got a confession .... I told a lie!  I was recently posed the question "what is your favourite film?" and as I reeled off my favourites I neglected to mention one guilty pleasure - Legally Blonde.  I'm not blonde - in hair colour nor the proverbial sense and I rarely wear pink so, before images of chihuahuas and bedazzled jeans flood your mind, I'm no Elle Woods wannabee.  Well, not quite.

The truth is I love a film with a good moral - and here is the beauty of Legally Blonde.  Having worked in corporate environments where nice girls don't succeed, I find the character of Elle Woods utterly refreshing.  Here's a girl (fictional, I accept) who knows and takes pride in her own identity rather than bow to the norm, who asserts herself in a competitive (and male-dominated) environment with credibility, and who sticks to her morals rather than succumb to the political warfare.

The real role model though, for me, is Reese herself (and what nudges this film into my top five).  Mum of two, award-winning actress, production company owner and self-described Type-A personality, she stands tall against the Hollywood stereotype, shunning 'size zero' pressures and paparazzi opportunities and instead using her fame to promote charitable causes including Save the Children.  Of herself and the infamous character of Elle, she says: "You have to be driven and ambitious to become the person you want to be. Everyone will tell you, 'That's not possible.... That's too difficult.' My response is, 'All right, I'll show you!'"  There's a lot to learn from "the girl in the hot pink"

Who inspires you?  This is the first of my weekly 'inspiration' posts so I'd love to hear about your role models, heroes and heroines.....

Photos: Reese Witherspoon by Fanpop and TBS

Sunday, 27 March 2011

{mood} Heart full up

"You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them." - Desmond Tutu
A rare occasion this weekend - all siblings with partners and babies back together with my parents in the home-stead.  And what a weekend!  It was the best of everything - an early start on Saturday morning with mum and Sis to talk wedding flowers while the boys were let loose with mountain bikes, followed by fell-walking with mum and dad to blow off the cobwebs (and then some!) and then a BIG family dinner on Saturday evening.  I can't remember the last time I laughed so much or felt surrounded by such love.  One lucky girl, signing out ..... x

Picture is Lovely Love my Family by Tuesday Mourning, found on etsy


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