Monday, 18 July 2011

{Take action} Seize the day

‎"Dream as if you have forever. Live as if you have only today." James Dean.

I was being my usual, impatient self before, checking to see if the new issue of Rue Magazine had been published (sadly, no) but, while I was visiting, I did find this fantastic quote by the inimitable James Dean.

The dreamer bit I can pull off with ease now, it's the 'live for today' mentality I struggle with.  If I had only today:
- I'd have bounced out of bed when the alarm went off, rather than pulling the duvet up around my ears
- I'd have worn my beautiful, impractical shoes rather than saving them 'for best'
- I'd have been singing in the rain, rather than cursing my soggy clothes

What would you do differently? ...

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