Thursday, 1 December 2011

{Love} What are your classic Christmas movies??

Ahhhhh, December - it's the most wonderful time of the year!  The excitement of giving colourfully-wrapped gifts, family get-togethers to look forward to, glitzy knees-up's with friends, sing-a-longs to the classic crooners, people being that little bit more generous with others and grateful for their lot.  It really is the season to be jolly!  And as a die-hard romantic, the most loved-up, feel-good films are the Christmassy-kind so, now we're officially in Christmas month,  I don't need an excuse to dust off my old favourites:

Santa Claus: The Movie: This is one I HAVE to watch with my sister and brother's each year (if not together, then in synchronicity at our opposite ends of the country!).  I still remember being taken to the cinema to watch this and, to me, this is 90-minutes of Christmas magic.  "Can you say yo?".

White Christmas: You've got to love a bit of Christmas schmaltz.  I can get lost in the fashion, giggle at the give-away film sets, yearn for a little of the old-time romance and, the best part, belting out the classic of White Christmas with Bing et al. 

Love Actually: With an opening scene that suggests "love is all around", I'm hooked.  I adore the different flavours of love in this film - the love at first sight between the Prime Minster and "his Natalie", the unrequited love between Juliet and Mark (who could fail to swoon at the "to me, you are perfect" storyboard), the assuredness of little Sam over his American sweetheart and, my favourite, the sweet, silent love between Jamie and Aurelia.  Gets me every time!

The Holiday:  Maybe not the classic Christmas film.  It isn't the festive feel that appeals - it's watching the friendship unfold between Iris Simpkins and veteran film producer Arthur Abbott as she awakens from being the "best friend" into a "leading lady".  Each time I watch it, I'm just waiting for the line: "I think what I've got is something slightly resembling .... GUMPTION!" 

It's a Wonderful Life: The ultimate Christmas film.  I adore the romance of this black and white classic - "George lassos the moon".  I'm with George, feeling every rock-bottom low and the euphoric high.  It's impossible not to want to be surrounded by your family for the festivities watching this. 

Snuggle up with some mulled wine and one of these classics and I promise you you'll soon be feeling merry and bright.

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