Tuesday, 6 December 2011

{Go girl} How do you say no?

Christmas time.  The excitement of social gatherings galore.  The pursuit of perfect gifts for your nearest and dearest.  Feeling inspired to at least attempt getting creative in making your own Christmas pudding/mince pies/mulled wine (insert as applicable). Perfecting the appropriate sentiment in dozens of Christmas cards.  Oh, and the art of making your home a cosy, welcoming space to entertain and, given half the chance, relax on those wintry nights. 

Is it just me, though, or does the pace take just a little of the enjoyment out of it? 


What do you WANT to do? 

WHO do you want to share it with? 

Make your choice to spend this oh-so-precious time how YOU want to spend it.  For me...
... finding and decorating a real Christmas tree.  Ahhh, the scent of fir-tree and hot mulled wine, I can smell it now!
... entertaining our fabulous friends this weekend with a little festive shindig.
... family times to celebrate Christmas and bring in the new year.
... a make-my-heart-soar carol concert is definitely on the must-do list.
... plenty of I'm-too-old-for-this traditions (you're never to old to put out a carrot for Rudolph are you?)
... my first Christmas as a wifelet!

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