Tuesday, 13 December 2011

{Go Girl Tuesday Tips} Go out on a limb...

The story of a very windy, wintry night, a long day and a 6-hour round trip .... oh and a whole bag of nerves.

It's my story.  Yesterday's story.  When I saw that the gorgeous Lauren of Aspiring Kennedy and lovely Helena of A Diary of Lovely were hosting a bloggers meet-up, something inside me wanted to RSVP a big, fat yes.  But then, I live about 200 miles from where this little shindig was being held on a cold Monday evening in December and I had work commitments that are non-negotiable.  Oh and the small matter of a fear of social situations where I know no-one.  In short, there was every reason to venture home after a hard day's work to a hot dinner, bath and pyjamas!  And, normally this is the path of least resistance I'd have taken.

The story turns out a little differently.  I put my nerves to one side, stumped up the train fare and made the journey to the capital.  And, boy, am I glad I did.  My panic over having to make small talk was unfounded - I met such a lovely group of like-minded, creative people that topics of conversation flowed like the delicious elderflower juice at the venue.  What on earth had I been worrying about?

What I thought would be too scary, too much effort and too late a night (it was and I LOVE my sleep!) was well worth it.  How many times have I taken the easy route?  Too many.  On this night, I was fuelled by my love of writing and by a little tickle in my tummy that told me three words - go for it!

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