Wednesday, 28 December 2011

{Love} It was a very good year

Trying to find something festive to watch on TV, I was pretty much assaulted with adverts for cut-price sofas, bargain home electricals and enticing ads for that dream holiday.  Yep, it's official, Christmas is over - the world has moved onto the next thing.  In TV world, it's already 2012!

Usually I'd be right there amongst it, writing my goals and resolutions for the new year, always focusing on my next achievement.  But 2011 has simply been a cracker and so I'm reluctant to let it go just yet.

2011 was the year..
... I married Jack. On September 16th at 1pm my life changed.  There are so many special moments to the day (and the week with busy family and friends that led to it) that fill my heart and my memory that I cherish now and always.
... I learned who my true friends are.  It surprised me how enlightening our nuptials were in shining the spotlight on family and friends who really are ones to treasure, highlighting their many wonderful and unique qualities.  Enlightening also in magnifying some things I'd over-looked in people who I thought were close family and friends that, in reality, aren't.  A hard but valuable lesson.
... I made a leap in my career.  I'd always played it safe, liked the security and stability of the status quo in my working life but, deep down, I knew I wanted and needed something different and, without the safety net, I made a leap.  And it worked out. 
... that the fog cleared a little.  I got to know myself a little better and got a much better view of 'me' - what I want from life, what I love, what I want to let go, the life that I want to create for myself and my family.  This blog is just one, small part of that.  
... that each and every day I know that, bad days accepted, I am one very lucky girl.  

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