Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas: my way or the highway?

I'm Emma, I'm 33 years old and I've never spent a Christmas away from home.  There, I've said it.  My family know how to do Christmas and I love it so I've never wanted to stray far from the nest for this, my most favourite day of the year.  This one, the first as Mrs G, will be a first in another way too - I'll be letting go of the proverbial apron strings and spending the day at my lovely in-laws.

I'm wondering which of our family traditions I can weave into the celebrations:
- Singing Christmas carols a little tiddly at Christmas Eve mass.
- Waking everyone up with the tummy-fluttering "has he been?"...
- Dipping into the Quality Street/Roses/Matchmakers (whatever's nearest) for a pre-breakfast indulgence
- The stocking that, each year, contains the following as standard: clementine, gold coins, socks and a CD (the one pressie chosen by Dad).
- Getting our gladrags on and helping out with Christmas dinner while dancing around to one of the afore-mentioned CDs and trying to avoid getting cooking debris over said gladrags!
- Having that first drink way before lunchtime, unacceptable on any other day but par for the course on Christmas Day
- Getting into new PJs in the evening and cosying up to watch a Christmassy film.

I'm looking forward to sharing a new kind of Christmas - and maybe adding to my traditions swag-bag for my return to the nest next year....

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