Thursday, 10 November 2011

{Take action} Taking time to remember my very special Dziadek...

I had a wonderful Dziadek - for those of you that aren't fluent in Polish (!) that's Grandfather to you and me.  It's funny as a child - you're brought up in a family where, in your mind, your parents and grandparents have always been the age they are right then and there.  It never crossed my mind to imagine Dziadek as a young man, a person.  In my mind even then I knew he was a strong, unique person - so unique that I've never met a person like him since or imagine I ever will again.

He passed away when I was eleven.  Too young to know the unique qualities that I know were him through and through.  Too young for me to appreciate him fully and express my love for him.

So, tomorrow at 11am I will be thinking of him.  He served his country and was proud of it, that I know.  But I will be thinking of how proud I am that he survived his harsh reality and lived to create such a wonderful legacy.  My beautiful mum and my aunties, lovely Anne and Halina.  Of his son-in-laws.  His grandchildren - especially his beloved boys.

I will be thinking of the mark he impressed on my young life and the vivid memories I hold of this wonderful person:
.... the BIG hug awaiting us when we went to visit.  Him standing at the kitchen door
.... his smell
.... the home-brew in the airing cupboard
.... his beautiful garden, his pride and joy
.... the greenhouse and his prized tomatoes
.... him getting a sun lounger out for us at the slightest hint of sunshine
.... my first EVER trip to McDonalds with the vouchers he'd cut out of the newspaper
.... the krufki (baklava) we were treated to on our visits to the Polish stall at the market
.... the sounds and heated energy of him playing cards with my parents
.... the hush we had to keep when he was watching one of his Westerns
.... the very "individual" way he would eat chicken!

I could go on and on.  I am extremely lucky to have known and be a part of my Dziadek. 

I can't remember if I ever told you, Dziadek, but I love you x

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