Wednesday, 2 November 2011

FEAR: False Evidence Feeling Very Real.....?

So I have tummy flutters this morning.  One of my least favourite/most feared things faces me today .... standing up in front of a room and speaking.  I have to do it frequently with my work but it never gets any easier ..... All those eyes looking at me!  Attention!  Listening to my words .... if I manage to get them out!!

To tell myself I can handle this, I'm listing all the things I've been fearful of in the past that were, well, not that bad:
... Travelling to South-East China when I have a little (no, super-size that) fear of flying
... Taking a flying lesson in a small aircraft - see above
... Moving to a new city on my own without knowing a soul
... Buying my apartment and being responsible for paying for it
... Asking a boy out
... Telling a boy I wanted out
... Quitting my job to go freelance
... Public speaking on numerous occasions in the past

In a nutshell, I lived to tell the tale. 

What's your fear?  And how do you tackle it??


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