Monday, 21 November 2011

{Inspiration} I need your help to ignite this thing!

She had me at hello!  I luckily bagged a slot for Kristen Domingue's Magnetic Branding call a few weeks ago and, within seconds of it starting, I was hooked - I could almost hear Kristen's vibrant, bubbly personality crackle down the line!  Now here was a lady with passion...  I wanted some of what she was having!

Her story intrigued me.  A successful entrepreneur (femme-preneur as she would call it) working in a city she loved, Kristen made the bold move to change track ... all based on an instinct that something just wasn't quite right.  A bold move, no!?  And, to cut to the chase, Ignite was born - a boutique style and brand consultancy for femme-preneurs.  And here she was, sharing some of her insights with us lucky ladies. 

Fast-forward two weeks and I could do with a little help with my Magnetic Branding "homework".  I've completed parts one (purpose) and two (excellence), but need some fresh eyes for part three (what the world needs)...

The Purpose part encouraged us to look at the things that made us most feel alive.  Or those things that you'd do even if you're not getting paid for it.  For me, that bit was easy.  I feel alive when:
I'm helping people or have made a difference... When I can make people feel loved and cared for... Writing... Creating... My blog... Learning about what makes people succeed against the odds, and using these nuggets to inspire others...  Looking for inspiration and images in magazines/blogs and creating moodboards... Being surrounded by family and friends....

Excellence really challenged me.  It required me putting myself out there and asking my nearest and dearest what things come to me easily that they are in awe of.  Things they'd love me to teach them.  With toes curling, I text this question and held my breath when I read their responses:
Being creative... Thoughtfulness... Listening to people and helping by "breaking things down into smaller steps"... Offering new perspectives... Being highly organised... Knowledge of music (especially the stories in lyrics)... Writing...  Creating inspirational moodboards... Being a loyal friend...

With What the World Needs I've come a cropper.  It means putting myself out there again and asking people: which people in the world are hungry for the combination of skills in Purpose and Excellence?  Who could make use of this unique combination?

I'm being brave and asking you.  Answers on the back of a postcard ... or comments below. 

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