Tuesday, 17 May 2011

{Take action} Try a little Rocket yoga

Yesterday evening I tried something a little new: Rocket yoga. Nicknamed 'the rocket' as it's said to "get you there faster", this is quite a shift from the steady, flowing hatha yoga I'm used to.

Created in San Francisco by Larry Shultz (while on tour with cult rock band The Grateful Dead, it's said), the practice uses combinations of the first three Ashtanga series and combines them at tempo.  Although I've been practising yoga for years, I went to a beginners Rocket class which highlighted the challenge of this form - it combines advanced and beginners poses in one sequence, moving from one to the other at quickening pace.  

You need to have had your Weetabix to give this a go - it relies on stamina and endurance and, with repeated lifts, persistance. At first I wasn't sure that the lack of calm in class suited me (as the sense of wellbeing from yoga is what motivates me to practice), however after working up a glistening sweat you're certainly rewarded with feel-good factor in bucket loads.  You definitely feel you've earned the relaxation.

Will it 'get me there faster' though? ... I'll keep you posted.

Take a look here: youtube.com

Photo: jenniferjarrettyoga.com

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