Wednesday, 11 May 2011

{Dare to dream} Believe

Isn't it funny how sometimes you see exactly the right thing, at exactly the time you need to see it most. The picture above is the inside of a card given to me by my parents for passing my first 'swimming endeavour'.  And, believe me, it was quite a journey to get there!  I was petrified of swimming - there were tears at bedtime the night before, sudden tummy aches and nausea on swimming lesson day and if, by force, I'd made it to the poolside I would spend the entire swimming lesson clung to the edge in terror.  At some point I must have let go and faced my fear because here I am, the one in the middle wearing a fearful expression, completing my long-awaited endeavour.  (The lady with the baby on her knee is mum, in a very fetching tracksuit, cheering me on!)

Although this card is 25 years old, it surfaced over the weekend and the inscription is so relevant to me at the moment.  Dad's unique handwriting reads:
"Dear Emma. Please keep this and remember at any time in your life when you 'think' that you can't, look at this and 'know' that you did.  And can."

Photo: Courtesy of Pappa B!

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