Tuesday, 3 May 2011

{Take action} Finding my 'yes'

Nestled under the 'hobbies and interests' section of my CV boldly sits the word yoga.  And, it's true, I love it. So much so that, at one point in my life, it became woven into the very fabric of my day - I practised each morning, I was studying the British Wheel of Yoga's certificate and I'd completed Yogabugs training. And I'd never felt better - my body felt toned, I was full of energy and it encouraged better food and drink habits too.

So why is it that, knowing how good this makes me feel, my yoga mat has been gathering dust for months?   The answer can only be ... habit.  I've been out of the habit of enjoying a true passion because my daily life has taken over.  I've said no in every form possible - I'm too busy, I'm working late, I'm tired ... the list goes on.

Recognising that I've not felt my best of late, I've decided it's time to form a new habit, it's time to say yes. 

To give me a little nudge, I've downloaded the wonderful LuluLemon's manifesto - download it here 


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