Monday, 30 May 2011

{Feel-good} My personal MOT

My bank holiday weekend was kick-started with my favourite indulgence, a therapeutic treatment with the wonderful Julia Waterton.  I've felt 'light' and happy since I floated out of her treatment room so it's time to share my best-kept secret.

I usually crave the calm and peace of a reiki treatment, but this week's session had a little difference - I'm calling it my 'personal MOT'.  Julia took me into a meditative state and then set about my 'MOT', more technically known as QMA Analysis (Quantum Magnetic Resonance) and , two minutes later, was taking me through my personal health report.  I was amazed that, by simply holding a sensor for a couple of minutes, the equipment was able to analyse my body, top to toe - the report covers everything from blood sugar levels to vitamin and mineral absorption, from cardiovascular conditions to bone mineral density, and the list goes on.  Though I've not been ill, I've felt 'below par' for ages and this short session was quick to identify possible reasons why I've been feeling sluggish, achy and have a fluctuating appetite.

And I'm in good hands in putting things right.  Julia has many, many strings to her bow and, with her usual compassion, she had soon presented a number of treatment options to pursue at my will.  This time I opted for N.A.E.T allergy therapy and Julia treated me to some reiki while I relaxed too.  

Some 90 minutes later I was struck by how light and relaxed I felt, having certainly shaken off the stresses of the working week.  Julia is a god-send!


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  1. I could do with a Julia . . . . glad you're floating Basil. By the way the page looks AMAZING - love the new decor to your online pad!! x


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