Sunday, 22 May 2011

{Inspiration} Arielle Fierman

I'm completely inspired by people who  know themselves ... and are not afraid to LIVE it!  Live it without fear of being judged by others, or needing to follow a path determined by someone else to be right.  Arielle Fierman is one of these people.

After losing her job, Arielle was given the proverbial kick up the tush to set up her own business and she set about developing an enterprise that combined her interest in nutrition and her love of making jewellery.  At first glance these two areas may seem poles apart but, to Arielle, these two strands both led to one clear purpose - to make women feel beautiful on the inside and out.  'Be Well with Arielle' is the result.

I'm currently lusting after her signature ring, the iloveme ring.  Described as a "gentle reminder to love yourself so you can open up your heart to receive love and share it with others", the ring is available in sterling silver or gold with a 'floating' freshwater pearl or conflict-free diamonds and is infused with reiki.

I can imagine wearing this and feeling like it's my secret weapon.  When life takes over, when people and situations take you off course, one glance at my hand would remind me of the bigger prize.  And I'd be back to being Arielle-well ... and then some!

Photo: iloveme ring

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