Wednesday, 20 April 2011

{Role model} for today ... Elle Macpherson

I've got a big day ahead so, as I do when it's time to up the ante, I'm visualising myself with the qualities of my chosen role model - today it's Elle Macpherson.  Sadly this doesn't mean I'm going to morph into "the body" but, instead, take some tips from a woman who has brains as well as her infamous beauty.

Famously ditching Ford Models at the height of her modelling career to establish Elle Macpherson Inc, and since diversifying her business into lingerie and skincare, Elle has had the courage to do the unorthodox, to take a few risks and, above all, reflect her own values.

She says: "I stopped accepting regular fashion jobs and geared my business around loyalties and equity.  I realised early on that no other models had created the kind of career that interested me, so I had to walk to my own beat."

And so today I'm putting my best foot forward, to my own beat...

Photo: EverythingFab @ Pinterest
Quote: Unknown

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