Wednesday, 1 June 2011

{Nourish} Make mine a 'green juice'

Ok so it doesn't look that appetising but, appearances aside, I'm joining the green juice revolution.  Since my 'Personal MOT' last week suggested I need to get more greens into my diet, I dusted down a book I'd read a few years ago to give me a little inspiration - The Healthy Skin Diet by Australian nutritionist Karen Fischer.  The book's holistic approach encourages a whole-food and nutrient dense diet and extols the virtues of one little ingredient - chlorophyll.

I can almost hear you replaying your school biology lessons - yes, chlorophyll is better known for it's relationship with plants.  But it's benefits are not limited to your potted fern.  Chlorophyll is a highly-prized antioxidant.  It works by evening out the acid/alkaline balance of your blood so is great as part of a detox programme, but also improves circulation and has anti-carcinogenic properties.

I've been trying it as a supplement but now intend to give one of the juicing recipes a try at Total Raw Food.

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