Monday, 20 June 2011

{Inspiration} Real women

What do you get when you take 14 women from across the country and throw them together in a London townhouse for a day ... along with a hair and make-up team? A day to remember!

This week marks a year since I joined the ladies above for the 'Ultimo' experience.  And, while I loved every minute of the star treatment, the reason that day is memorable for me is because of the amazing ladies I met that day and because it taught me a valuable lesson.

I guess I've always believed that friendship is earned and slow-growing, and this has been my experience with my closest girlies, but this bubbly gang were proof of a different pudding. The 'Glasgow contingent' in particular seemed like they'd known each other for decades longer than the reality of their train journey south, and they were quick to welcome the non-'weegies into this fold. Twelve months on they're still doing the Ultimo girls proud and bonding over house parties and a glass of wine or two.

It reminds me of a quote I'd seen and doodled on a notepad years ago: "strangers are just friends waiting to happen".  And so this week I'll be smiling at a stranger or two .... Just try to smile back!

Photo: Ultimo Couture

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