Sunday, 16 October 2011

{Take action} Oh na na, what's my name?

We did it.  I've now been a Mrs for a month exactly.  And it has been a month of excitement and adjustment - the ecstatic highs of the wedding day (more to follow on this), the blissful relaxation of our honeymoon in Bali and then ..... the bump back down to earth in returning home.

Aside from getting used to my new name, the strangest part is coming back to life exactly as it was BM (Before Marriage) - it feels as though the world should reflect the change we've seen and feel in our relationship. Things should be different, married. 

And so I've decided to ride this wave - perhaps my new identity can be the start of a new me. The best me I can be. I've taken some time out to contemplate this, mull it over with my new hubby and chart my future course. And it's looking and feeling extremely exciting.

As "Ol' Blue Eyes" crooned, "the best is yet to come". And I will have my gorgeous hubby at my side as it unfolds.

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