Monday, 5 March 2012

Do your goals and BIG dreams scare you??

Dream BIG!  Dream big, SCARY goals....  Close your eyes and picture that goal that's been side-lined for too long - how much does it scare you?  A lot?  Good, now we're getting somewhere.

Don't you find that old comfort zone familiar but just more than a little.... how can I put it?.... beige??  Yes edging out of it is scary but basked in technicolour.  So, what are you doing about it??

I'm trying to practise what I'm preaching and I know it's tough.  On a recent workshop I shared a few of my big, scary goals with someone and just the simplest act of saying them out loud spurred me into action (and her encouraging emails to check how I'm doing are the momentum!!).  So I want to be that catalyst for you.

Dream BIG
Say your dream out loud to someone
Do a little something every day to step away from the beige and into the sparkle!

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