Monday, 5 July 2010

{mood} Romance ....

How much can change in a week! Completely out of the blue my lovely boyf became my fiance last Saturday. Knowing food is the way to my heart, he popped the question at French favourite, Kendells Bistro. 

The beauty of Kendells is in how stepping foot inside this restaurant makes you feel.  With a personal welcome, the backdrop of fairy lights and flickering candlelight, retro French posters adorning the walls and with romantic French music lulling diners, you could be in a chic little restaurant in the back streets of Paris.  And I've not even got started on the food!

Even the simplest things are done beautifully at Kendells.  Fresh hunks of baguette and butter are plentiful on the table whilst you peruse the chalkboard and once you've made your choice, attentive staff surprise you with amuse bouche - the greedy in me always wants more!!  I devoured Salade de Chevre* and (post-question popping) picked at Seabass fillet and green vegetables, whilst we supped on Chablis.  Nerves not withstanding, no dessert this time in place of some French fizz*.

Aside from the many wedding thoughts whirling around my head, the whole experience has me a little caught up with a romantic French notion.  Me and my new fiance hopping on a moped and nipping through the streets to find some secluded spot to enjoy fresh bread, smelly cheese and a bottle of Malbec and really let it sink in ..... I'm getting married!

*Debit: Way too much bread and way too much celebratory fizz
Eiffel Tower photo: via Starstore
Moped couple photo: Sergey Ivanov via Flickr

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